June Gardens……Wonderful Wisteria

Relection in Jacqui’s Bird Bath

When my friend Jacquie called me from Oshawa on the 3rd of June and said that her wisteria was in full bloom, I made a change of plans and drove to her Oshawa home. I have visited  Jacqui’s lovely gardens before but had never made it there in time to see her wisteria in full bloom.

Few people that I know can get their wisteria to bloom in this part of the country. I think that Jacquie’s waited about 18 years to awe her (and anyone else who’s lucky enough to see it) with huge lilac coloured blossoms tumbling in every direction on the wooden arbour. It will certainly be on my list of visits again next year!

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About janewalkerscards

Jane Walker is a Newcastle photographer who creates framed photographs, photo trays and matted greeting cards reflecting the beauty of nature and gardens. Her recent interest in birds, owls and other wildlife is now being reflected in her posts. As a member of the Oshawa Camera Club, Jane has started to enter some of her photos for judging and appreciates the critiques by the judges. You'll be surprised at what shows up under the guise of "janewalkerscards".
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6 Responses to June Gardens……Wonderful Wisteria

  1. Debi Grechyn says:

    How beautiful!….I didn’t know that about Wisteria.

  2. HI Jane: Thanks so much for sharing – stunning photos of the wisteria, your friend is very lucky to have such a magnificient specimens in her garden……patttt

    • Pat,
      Glad you liked the photos. Jacquie has an amazing in-town garden and each time I go there I see some wonderful flowers and garden artifacts. I really loved her 2 little bird baths.
      Sorry I was so late in responding to you. Enjoy your garden and your summer culinary experiences!

  3. Loreen says:

    These are amazing photos. I love the reflections in the bird baths! Thanks for sharing!

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