Butterflies for St. Valentine’s Day, 2013.

“Butterflies….flowers that fly and all but sing” a quote from Robert Frost.

On this Valentine’s Day, I was thinking about a somewhat romantic and fanciful post. My initial idea was to share some of my many flower pictures and then decided that butterflies might be a bit different, but romantic none-the-less. Last summer, I had the opportunity to photograph many butterflies and moths at the conservatories in both Niagara Falls, Ontario and in Victoria, British Columbia. As well, I had some lovely specimens in “my own backyard”. In the gallery below, I will share some of my favourites. Perhaps your thoughts will turn to Spring. It really isn’t that far off.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day to my family, friends and Blog followers!

About janewalkerscards

Jane Walker is a Newcastle photographer who creates framed photographs, photo trays and matted greeting cards reflecting the beauty of nature and gardens. Her recent interest in birds, owls and other wildlife is now being reflected in her posts. As a member of the Oshawa Camera Club, Jane has started to enter some of her photos for judging and appreciates the critiques by the judges. You'll be surprised at what shows up under the guise of "janewalkerscards".
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15 Responses to Butterflies for St. Valentine’s Day, 2013.

  1. Eva Wainwright says:

    Just what I need to cheer me up on this dreary Valentine¹s Day … love the white tree nymph and the cream and white butterfly. Lots of material for your photo competitions…

    A Happy Valentine¹s Day to you and Joe…


    On 2/14/13 4:29 PM, “Jane Walker’s Cards” wrote:

    > janewalkerscards posted: “”Butterflies….flowers that fly and all but sing” a > quote from Robert Frost. On this Valentine’s Day, I was thinking about a > somewhat romantic and fanciful post. My initial idea was to share some of my > many flower pictures and then decided that butter” >

    • Hi Eva, I’m glad you liked the butterflies. I do plan to enter at least one of them in the Oshawa Camera Club Annual Competition. I need to find out the name of the cream and white butterfly (or moth?). I have a book with 500 butterflies but it’s a long process to go through them! Jane

  2. C.K W. says:

    Jane!!! What an original and lovely idea. Happy Valentine’s to you, too. :)Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 21:29:17 +0000 To: mester401@hotmail.com

  3. Daniel says:

    Beautifully captured.

  4. daniellafrance says:

    Beautifully captured! Are all these butterflies from your garden?

    • Hi daniel, The only ones “captured” in my own garden were the Doris Longwing, monarch and the black swallowtail. The others were from the butterfly conservatories mentioned. Glad you liked them. Jane

  5. S says:

    Wow more stunning photography Jane ! Love these, Shirley

  6. Loreen says:

    Great idea, Jane! I particularly love the textures in the first picture! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. Joe Christl says:

    Jane: Thank you for sending us the pictures of your butterflies! How beautiful they are. Hope you had a nice valentines day. Say hi to Joe. Have a good day. RuthDate: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 21:29:07 +0000 To: beaucan@hotmail.com

  8. Gloria Tuerk says:


    As usual the pictures are beautiful.

    Take care


  9. Inspired and pretty says:

    I’m very late to comment on this post but I never saw it on my reader, probably a glitch from WordPress…
    These photos are all very beautiful Jane. You captured these butterflies so beautifully and the colours are amazing. I’m just back from Montreal’s Botanical Garden where I took photos of butterflies, and I know how difficult it can be sometimes to have a nice composition when the butterflies won’t stand still. You definitely succeeded to capture them in the most beautiful way Jane, they really are truly beautiful !

    • Hi Jocelyn, I’m glad that you enjoyed them. I do find these shots very challenging. I gave up trying to follow blue morphos around the conservatories for hours and just hoped they might land near me. It eventually happened, however, it landed on a croton which is so bright and colourful within its own right. I hope you had a lot of success when you went to Montreal. I’ll await your post with some of those shots. Jane

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