Colours of Fall

Lone Coyote

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4 Responses to Lone Coyote

  1. St says:

    Wow, very cool photo! I saw one this Friday night past about 10:30 at night, walking dead straight down the middle of our driveway…I was standing about 30 feet away and he didn’t see me, I never moved a muscle but I desperately wanted to run into the house….as I watched him, I realized he wasn’t noticing me so I never made a sound and didn’t even breathe until I couldn’t see him anymore.

    • St says:

      Sorry Jane, I accidentally hit the ‘enter’ key before I got the chance to type my name!

      Stephanie O’Regan

    • Hi Stephanie
      Since we live fairly close by it just may have been the same coyote. I was nervous when I saw it but realized that he/she was probably more afraid of me than I was of him. However, I didn’t venture too close to where I last saw him on the fence line! I haven’t had too much contact with coyotes. There seem to be very few in this area now.

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