GALAPAGOS – Bartolome Island

Rock and Sand

Rock and Sand

(This blog about Bartolome Island contains numerous photos which are displayed in a mosaic pattern. Please try clicking on any one of the photos in each of the 3 groups and it should enlarge it and the others if you arrow along.)

One of the most visited and photographed places that our Photo Tour Trekkers visited in the Galapagos is the  barren island known as Bartolome. It is located in Sullivan Bay to the east of Santiago Island. The most recognizable landmark is Pinnacle Rock which is a volcanic cone formed when magma was expelled from an underwater volcano. We could see Pinnacle Rock in the distance when our 2 zodiacs landed on the beautiful white sand beach. The  sand really contrasted with the rugged black lava rocks and pristine aqua waters of the bay. When the volcano exploded , the sea water created this giant formation made up of many thin layers of basalt.  We walked amidst various volcanic formations including spatter and tough cones. Some of my photos capture these  formations.


Our group walked carefully on the very uneven surface. We were amazed by the various types of lava formations which had been created when the lava cooled over 3 million years ago. I believe that the many photos which I took of small sections of the rough trail beneath our feet will make some interesting and creative framed prints.

Bartolome is home to the Galapagos penguin, the second smallest penguin species in the world. The Galapagos penguins have suffered various challenges to their existence but this specie is slowly recovering. We were fortunate enough to see a few perched on the rocky shore and one swimming gracefully as we headed back to Archipell I just before sunset.

(Information taken from the Galapagos Conservancy website)


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Jane Walker is a Newcastle photographer who creates framed photographs, photo trays and matted greeting cards reflecting the beauty of nature and gardens. Her recent interest in birds, owls and other wildlife is now being reflected in her posts. As a member of the Oshawa Camera Club, Jane has started to enter some of her photos for judging and appreciates the critiques by the judges. You'll be surprised at what shows up under the guise of "janewalkerscards".
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8 Responses to GALAPAGOS – Bartolome Island

  1. Michelle says:

    Jane, these photos are AMAZING! What an unforgettable experience!

  2. Gayle says:

    I enjoy seeing my good friend experiencing such an adventure! Congratulations Jane. You motivate us all.

  3. Gayle says:

    I enjoy seeing my good friend experiencing such an adventure. congratulations Jane!

  4. Lea says:

    Love the rock formations

  5. Awesome photos Jane On my bucket list still Colette

  6. Awesome photos Jane still on my bucket list love Colette

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