Your Garden or Mine?

A catchy title for a little business? I thought so 2 years ago and still like it as it often becomes a discussion point when I pass out my business cards. Quite simply, I welcome opportunities to photograph other people’s gardens as every garden has special plants and flowers which make perfect subjects for my matted cards.

 For many years I have been taking photos of my gardens and public spaces such as Parkwood Estates and recently started making keepsake framed photo greeting cards that I sell at a few art shows and at some local shops such as Algoma Orchards, Rekkkers Gardens, Newcastle Home Deco and Bibelot in Port Hope.These cards are already matted and fit easily into  5″x7″ frames.  The most popular cards seem to be those that feature close-ups of various flowers and interesting gardens with beautiful trellises, bird houses and other garden ornaments. For those wonderful “old souls” who still send birthday cards and thank yous to friends and family the old-fashioned way, the recipients of their good wishes appreciate receiving something other than bills in the mail!  When the beautiful photos on the cards feature the sender’s own home and gardens, they often have even more meaning! 

This week I was invited to a lovely rural property in Enniskilin to photograph the many gardens, lovely trees and special blooms that the couple lovingly tend to. The owner met me last September when I was a vendor in the Bowmanville Horticulture Club Garden Tour and she loved my cards.  Today, I will put the photos from my 2 visits on a DVD and she will have many memorable photographs. These can be printed, made into slide shows or the owners can choose their favourites for me to create their personalized framed photo greeting cards. 

Think of “Your Garden or Mine” if you are moving to a new home and want to preserve memories of your home and gardens. Winter scenes of your property often make lovely Christmas cards although it’s hard to think of winter while we are enjoying the most wonderful summer in my memory!   If you live in the Durham area and are interested in photographs of your garden, feel free to e-mail me at

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