Bond Head Photos


Here are a few pictures taken recently at Bond Head Beach which is a lovely place to spend a few hours or even a few minutes just south of the town of Newcastle. Take Exit #440 off the 401 just east of the cut-off to Peterborough. There is a small parkette and a lighthouse. Many people fish here or just stop to take a look at the changing moods of Lake Ontario. A great place to take a few photos!

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4 Responses to Bond Head Photos

  1. Loreen says:

    Hi Jane! I spent about an hour looking at all your photos and reading your blogs. They are great! Really fine! The winter pictures are spectacular! I particularly liked the ice on the evergreen.

  2. Bob Bell says:

    I really enjoyed these images. Bond Head is a popular spot for me & my Jane. 🙂 We often grab a coffee & fries in Newcastle and go there to see what’s going on– always fishermen or waterfowl or something to watch.

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